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When it comes to mens formal wear there are numorous styles to choose from. From a square toe to a rounded toe. The sky is the limit. At Great Tux, we have multiple styles to choose from matte or shiny finish, black brown or white.  The funky choices most often associated with Prom and Quinceanera include the Spectator and White Top Shoe .  Yes, there is such as thing as a comfortable tux shoe, and impressive stylish options like the Centennial sometimes look much better on the foot than on display.  If you aren't sure, take the plunge and try them.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed, so you can always send them back.

Our wedding couples are opting for the stylish and comfortable (yes-comfortable) Modern Times.  Its shiny two tone finish and square toe have made this shoe our number 1 renter.

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After Six White Top Shoe - Used Rental GarmentAfter Six White Top Shoe - Used Rental Garment
Basketweave Shoes - Used Rental GarmentBasketweave Shoes - Used Rental GarmentTuxedo Shoe Shiny at Heel & Toe with Woven Matte Vamp
Centennial Shoes - Used Rental GarmentCentennial Shoes - Used Rental GarmentShiny Formal Black Tuxedo Shoe with Gray Spat Accent
Jazz Oxford - Used Rental GarmentJazz Oxford - Used Rental GarmentStandard Shiny Lace-up Formal Oxford Shoe
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