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James Levin Chicago, IL

It's always a pleasure doing business with people who go out of their way to provide excellent customer service and make their customers happy.  Aaron was super helpful and accomodating, helping me find exactly what I was looking for at a reasonable price.  With all the craziness of wedding planning, it was nice to know that everything would be expertly handled by Great Tux.  I'm happy to recommend you to all my friends.  Thanks Great Tux!


James Levin

Chicago, IL




Tuxedos For Sale

Most of the time, people just rent formal wear for a special occasion.  Usually, wearing a tuxedo means you are a special guest and/or a participant in a wedding.  That's when it just makes sense to rent a tuxedo.

But there are good reasons to purchase formal wear, and if you decide to add a tuxedo to your closet, we have lots of choices for you.  Traditional, contemporary, single pieces, and complete packages.

I sell traditional wing collar formal shirts and black bow ties to caterers, complete tuxedo packages to Limo drivers, vests to bartenders, and the list goes on.  I have a police officer who bought an inexpensive set up to wear to the charity events he attends in his work with kids.

Nowadays, some grooms are buying their tuxedos to avoid having to rent from the cruise line on their honeymoons.  And why not have a tuxedo?  Heck, with prices like this, dressing up is affordable.  Wearing a tuxedo out for an anniversary dinner or to a friend's wedding is just flat out romantic. 

So, come on in and poke around.  You can buy just the pieces you need to fill in.  Or, you can look at our Tuxedo Package Section.

You never have to "go it alone".  We're here to personally advise and assist you in any way we can.  In fact, most of our transactions are completed over the phone.  It just makes a person feel better to have that personalized attention.

Thank you for coming to the site today.  If you don't find exactly what you want, give us a call.

Aaron Roberts

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