Tuxedo packages starting at $200. Jacket, pant, vest, shirt, tie, shoes included.
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Puttin' On The Ritz! 

Our Tuxedo Packages range from discontinued tux jackets and vests to the hottest property of all, the chocolate brown FUBU tone on tone striped tuxedo.  We put together our favorite display combos then take a little something off to sweeten the pot.  So, not only did we shop for you and save you a ton of time, we actually saved you some extra money. 

Tuxedo Packages are a complete package and include everything tux jacket and pant, formal shirt, vest or cummerbund and tie.  Standard cufflinks are included at no additional charge.  We also sell good, used rental garments at fantastic prices in our Tuxedo Packages--Used Rental Garments section.

*You may rescind your membership AT ANY TIME (no expiration on this offer) and receive back any unused portion, no questions asked. 

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