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Jean Yves Mirage Jacket - Used Rental Garment

Jean Yves Mirage Jacket - Used Rental Garment
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The Jean Yves Mirage is what I cal a "minivan" piece. You didn't know you wanted one until you laid eyes on it. Then it immediately became a "gotta have". In fact, I was looking for a four button jacket that year. The salesman showed me a four button, then a cutaway, then something else. They were all in the running until he pulled out the Mirage. Aha! That's it! That's what we wanted.

Would our customers like it? Yeah. Maybe not. WHATEVER. We had to buy it. Apparently, that was not an original thought. The Mirage may be the most "knocked off" tuxedo jacket ever designed. Edgy as it looks in the pieture, I have to say I have only ever seen on one person who didn't look good in it. That gentleman had a very round head, and the stand-up collar idn't flatter him. Otherwise, whether tall, short, heavy or trim, this is a great looking jacket.

No button etiquette faux pas even possible. Just pull it on and start the party. Slap a pair of Centennial Shoes on those dogs, and WOW. Go for a laydown collar with this one; the wings are just too much with that stand up jacket collar.
Designer Jean Yves' 100% Worsted Wool Tuxedo Jacket
Features Benefits
100% Burlington Worsted Wool Years of Predictable Performance
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