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Solid Satin Windsor - New

Solid Satin Windsor - New
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Someone laid awake nights coming up with this deal. This tie zips up. It is literally on a zipper. Gee, I wish I'd thought it up.

Now, you don't want to yank on the zipper because you can pop it apart. It still works if you do that, but it's kind of a pain. To zip it up, hold the bottom of the knot with your thumb and forefinger and pull on the short tail in back. To get it off, just stick your finger on top of the knot and push down. Piece of cake.

Now that you know the how-to, just pick the color you want to go with your vest. Or, hey! How about just getting a couple of these to wear to work? They are machine wash, so forget the expensive dry cleaning bill.

From wacky tropical to ultra conservative jewel tones, we have a terrific line-up. Not a bad price on a tie, either.

The Aries Vest can take a satin windsor (gee, I hope three piece dressing comes back because this combo just rocks). We also prefer the satin windsor with the Legend and Enchantment, or Monaco vests.

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