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Intrigue Vest - Used Rental Garment

Intrigue Vest - Used Rental Garment
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Very masculine is how I describe this fabric. Straight lines; not subtle at all.

The black, white, and ivory are solid. Otherwise, the vest color runs at a diagonal with a band of black. Actually, it’s tough to describe, so look at the pictures to get what I mean.

Most men, when left to their own devices (meaning they don’t have to wear what a bride tells them to) will choose the Intrigue.

This vest is tough to match a Windsor to. Use the See Also list below for a guide. If you choose something we know isn’t going to work (it’s hard sometimes to do color on the computer) we’ll contact you with a heads up.

For more of the diamond motif, check out the Basketweave Shoe.

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100% Polyester Easy Care Machine Wash, Drip Dry
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