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Chocolate Brown FUBU Tuxedo Jacket - New

Chocolate Brown FUBU Tuxedo Jacket - New
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Please be advised that this high demand item may have to be backordered. If you want one of these tuxes, order one right away. If you have a "drop dead" date, let us know. We'll do what we can to get this tuxedo to you by the time you need it. If we cannot meet your demand, we'll contact you immediately.

A few years back, After Six previewed a set of four colored tuxedos, the chocolate brown of which was my personal favorite. (I ended up with one of those tuxedos, but that is a whole other story.)

Sadly, the Studio Collection never went into production. So, you can imagine that when FUBU dropped this edgy brown bomb on the tux retailers, the industry response was chilly to say the least. Well, here is one time that the industry "experts" got their heads handed to them--and I include myself in that category. Once burned, twice shy, as they say.

The public, though, had other thoughts. We have had calls from California, New York, South Carolina and our surrounding states from regular folks wanting to get their hands on this number. The old saw about the customer always being right sure applies here!

We like this tux with an ivory shirt. We are also linking you to the Aries Espresso Vest. The color is identical to the FUBU brown Vest, but we like the fabric on the Aries vest back better because it sheds wrinkles better. We also like the squiggly stripe on the companion Striped Aries Windsor for a change-up. The two colors on that tie are brown and black, not brown on brown.

The demand on this item is very high. The manufacturer is now giving us an early May delivery date. If this works for you, go ahead and place an order. Waiting may cause further delays if the "cutting" becomes oversubscribed.

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Features Benefits
Generously cut jacket Head turning style
Chocolate Brown Stripe Bold look for the fashion conscious
100% Polyester Fabric Easy care and fluid movement
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