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After Six Gemini Full Back Vests - Used Rental Garment

After Six Gemini Full Back Vests - Used Rental Garment
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Merchant's Cardinal Rule: Don't fall in love with the merchandise.

Oops. Too late. This is the best looking vest I have ever seen. The colors are rich, construction is unbelievable. The paisley fabric is edged with a solid microfiber, creating a "channel" effect for the six button front edge. Real welt pockets you can actually use if you like.

This was an expensive vest, and a lot of shop owners did not invest the capital into this garment. Sadly, After Six had to stop production on this line after a couple of years. On the final cutting, we bought enough to meet our customer's demand, so we have had the pleasure of offering this vest to our Nebraska customers for two more years.

Initially, we were not going to offer the Geminis for sale (and in fact, we have held back about half the colors) but in light of the fact that the waiting list for these vests is growing, we relented and are sharing them with you. They are expensive. They are worth it. You most likely will never again see a formal vest as regal looking as a Gemini. You are buying a classic. Get the ones you want so you have no regrets when they are all gone.

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