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After Six Enchantment Vest - Used Rental Garment

After Six Enchantment Vest - Used Rental Garment
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Once upon a time, we had a bride who ordered a pocket square for her wedding. That 12” piece of fabric turned out to be a gold mine in disguise.

We were looking for a new vest line, but this one found us. For two months, whenever a bride came in and just didn’t see what she wanted in our current offerings, we would pull out the pocket square. Time and time again, we saw that Aha! moment.

We contacted After Six and started placing orders for the Enchantment. Immediately, it became our top renter.

The pattern is a very small diamond, but woven into the fabric are three hues. What results is a dynamic depth of field and a vibrant color.

Generally speaking, a vest line is manufactured for six years. The Enchantment is a real workhorse, so After Six has not only extended its run, they exploded the color offerings to about a gazillion. If you need such and such a color but don’t see it here, ask. Like I always say, we’ll find out and get back to you ASAP.

To keep the diamond motif going, get the Basketweave Shoe.

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