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Great Tux is family owned & operated:

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Wedding Present Buying Service

Gift Buying Service 


Men don't like to shop.  And what's worse is they REALLY don't like shopping for a wedding gift.  At the risk of sounding sexist, they just are fish out of water on this one.

Not to worry.  We can do this. 

We find out the price range of your guest.  We shop for a fabulous present.

Your guest pays only for the wedding gift.

The running around, the gift wrap and the card are on us.

Oh, and we do this for any of your guests.  Even those busy gals who don't like to shop (they do exist!)

Call us at 402-339-7775 for details.

Tuxedo Return Program

Hate Returning Tuxedos? 

Don't Worry, We'll Pick Them Up!!  

Add $7/Rental for 6 or more at one location

or $12 per individual pick-up.

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Our job is to give our customers the information they need to buy a tuxedo that fits their size, style, budget, & personality.

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