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A RISK FREE Offer from Great Tux

Because we are based in low overhead Omaha, Nebraska, we can sell a tuxedo for about the cost of a rental in high overhead areas like New York.  Competitive pricing has become the norm in the formal wear industry, and with on-line shopping,  picking up a tuxedo has never made more sense.  If you are not sure whether owning a tux is right for you, contact us.  Yes, we would love to see you in a tux, but we are having too much fun to give you a hard sell.

Perhaps you already know you want to own a tux or additional pieces in your formal wardrobe.  For you, our Great Tux Insider Membership may be a must-have.  As a Great Tux Insider, we invite you to take 20% off every purchase FOREVER!  In addition to these fantastic savings, as a member, you will receive advance notice on close-outs, sales, and new merchandise.  Every tuxedo jacket, pant, shirt, vest, tie and shoe is included in this offer.  And yes, that does mean our ensemble packages, which are already slightly discounted over piece by piece purchasing.

Let's do the math.  Once you make purchases totalling $625, your $125 membership is a "push".  Over that, you save 20% on every single purchase.  Additionally, you will receive advance notice of all sales and new merchandise introductions.  Some of these Members Only sales never even make it to the web site--they are that good.  Even our regular retail price point is among the best on the web.  At 20% off these prices, you'll "clean up" in grand style!

This offer is absolutely RISK FREE.  There is never another fee.  Your Membership never expires, regardless of how often you use it.  Use it to buy for yourself or 300 of your closest friends.  Go on, take advantage of us!  If you don't save more than the $125 Membership Fee, cancel at any time.  We'll refund your $125 Membership Fee less any discounts.  Any FREE GIFTS we send during your membership period (and there are FREE GIFTS headed your way) are yours to keep.  You risk absolutely NOTHING.  There is no time limit on either the Membership or your right to rescind it.  We want you to LOVE doing business with us.  Your $199 Great Tux Premium Tuxedo Buyer's membership has no spending limits.  It never expires.  You can’t go wrong unless you just don’t sign up!

Wedding bells breaking up that old gang of yours? If you will use a tux more than twice in the next 18 months, buying a reasonably priced tux may make more sense than renting.  Consider a basic black tux in 100% wool for a black tie invited wedding or for that honeymoon cruise.    Whether new with tags or gently used previously rented garments, designer label tuxes from quality manufacturers like After Six make a great investment. Forget about tricky pricing like accessory package add-on charges.  Stop guessing how much extra that formal shoe rental will be or whether suspenders are included or extra.  No "gotchas" or bait and switch tactics at the tux shop.  Starting under $200, your tuxedo style is a complete package at a bargain price.  And remember, you always have the option to rent that weird colored vest your best friend's bride selected if you just can't see yourself owning it!

The Great Tux Premium Buyer Membership is unique to the industry.  You won't find this offer anywhere else.  Whether you buy formal garments by the piece or opt for a complete tuxedo package deal, the savings add up to an incredible buy day in and day out, all year long. 

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