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The Buy a Tuxedo Debate

The rule that applies to me applies to you, too.  In the tuxedo rental industry, rental prices are determined by profitability.  By the third rental, the goods start turning a profit.  In the case of owning, the rule of thumb is the same:  If you buy a tuxedo, it should "pay for itself" by the third time you wear it. 

To determine if owning a tuxedo is in your best interest, you need to know the "going rate" for a tuxedo rental in your area. Make a few calls.  Find out what a rental goes for in your area.  Get the rental rate for a tuxedo you would love to wear.  Multiply that number by three, and if you can buy a tuxedo for less, you’ve hit a home run!

Now I’m assuming you are going to wear a tuxedo at least three times in the next 18 months.  Anything less than that may put you out of the running as far as buying a tuxedo.  If you are going to use a tuxedo only once a year, save your money.  It just doesn't make sense to have the garments in the closet if they aren't going to be worn more often than that. 

Please don’t fall for the mark-down hype.  Unless there is an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) that is set in stone, enforced, regulated and strictly controlled, no one can quote a legitimate percentage off.  When you see an ad touting "Buy After Six 50% Off" you need to ask "50% off what?" because there is no Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price on tuxedo formal wear.  After Six does not control, manipulate, suggest, or otherwise dictate the price the retailer offers their goods to the public.  Ditto for FUBU, Lord West, Formal Wear International, etc., etc., etc. 

However, the following is absolutely true:

Number one:  you can own a tuxedo for less than you paid for your last suit. 

Number two:  The bottom line is the only number that matters.

Allow me to tell you a little bit about GreatTux.  The shop is centrally located in Omaha, Nebraska where overhead is low.  I can offer our goods for way less than big cities like Philly and New York.  Because of the internet, you can take advantage of Omaha prices regardless of where you live.  Not only that, being smack in the middle of the country means that shipping rates are great, as well. 

Years ago, someone “did the math” in the telecommunications business, and Omaha became a mecca for toll free telemarketing (don’t throw your shoe at the computer screen!) and for reservations for major firms like Marriott, Hyatt, and other big name companies.  It works the same for shipping goods.

In the chart below, I compare tuxedo packages from the top 6 on-line tuxedo sales sites.  By itself, it is not enough information to make a decision.  Again, you need to research prices in your area to make a completely informed decision.  These sales prices are so attractive that if you can beat them, I'll just assume you have a close relative in the business.  For example, when I told my After Six  rep what I was getting for a brand new, made-in-Korea, best-in-the-industry formal tux shirt, he just about dropped the phone.  He asked if I were making anything on them at all.  Then he looked at the prices on jackets, pants, vests, ties and shoes.  He thought I had lost my mind!  All great values.  That's a great tuxedo on the cheap--not a "cheap tux".    

 I'm naming names, so you can check it out for yourself whether or not I am on the up and up.  If you can find better prices on formal wear pieces or complete tuxedo packages, let me in on it.  It is my goal to offer the absolutely best price on new and used tuxedos. 


Web Site Package: 100% Wool Jacket & pant, formal shirt, cummerbund & bow tie.
Cheaptux.com $209.95  
Discountformalwear.com $228.95  
Findtuxedos.com $205.95  
GreatTux.com $189.00      Members pay $126 on this purchase!
Tuxedos4less.com $339.00    These folks promise best price guarantee.
Formaltux.com $199.99  

 What does all this mean to YOU?  You get the very best quality tuxedo wear garments:  After Six, FUBU, Formal Wear International, Pierre Cardin, and other major makers at the very best price imaginable.  You can opt for new or used tuxedo pieces, whatever makes the most sense for your individual circumstances. If you decide that buying is right for you, we hope you will come back here so you can save the most money possible.  An added bonus is that our customer service should leave you feeling like your best friend works at GreatTux in Omaha, Nebraska.  (If it doesn’t, I want to hear about it.)

By the way, tuxedo packages are not the only way to go.  I simply made the chart this way because of ease of comparison.  I want you to see "apples to apples" what the different sites' garments go for.  If you want to buy just a tuxedo jacket, or formal pant, shirt, vest or tie, no problem.  I think you will find that the price comparison holds up across sites.  After all, you can't get a good tuxedo package without good prices on individual items.

You can order on-line by hand selecting your tux pieces or call and we will walk you through it.  We'll put your choices on a mannequin in our store and send you photos, we'll even ship your choices out for in-person approval.  We'll do just about anything to capture your business and earn your loyalty

Ready to Purchase?   Most folks start in the Jacket Section. 

Or use the form below, and a Customer Service Rep will contact your personally to assemble  YOUR GreatTux. I personally guarantee you will enjoy working with us.  If you don't agree, I'll take 25% off your purchase price and send you a FREE gift.

Don't forget our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  You must be completely happy with your purchase or return for a full refund, no questions asked.   


We also have a Live Chat feature on this site.  Check the upper right hand corner to see if a Customer Service Rep is "Available For Chat".  You can also leave a message there if it is easier for you.

Thank you for visiting our site. 

Sarah Hirz, Owner

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